Funivia Station 2500 mt – Summit Craters

Montagnola – Sumit Craters

Piano Provenzana – Ski Facilities

We have gathered all our live streaming webcams of Mount Etna on a single page, allowing you to observe the volcano’s summit craters and the ski facilities at Piano Provenzana on the northern side of Mount Etna. These webcams are strategically located in key areas of the summit region, which is visited by tens of thousands of tourists and mountain enthusiasts every year. The number of users is rapidly growing, with people eager to witness the eruptive activity of Mount Etna or simply enjoy the breathtaking beauty of its landscapes. Each camera provides the option to review the “timelapse” footage from the previous day, offering an excellent way to discover the ever-changing evolution of the Sicilian volcano. Sometimes, due to specific weather conditions, it is possible to have clear weather at higher altitudes while experiencing very poor or no visibility at lower elevations. The webcams have been strategically installed near our arrival station (at an altitude of 2,500 meters) to provide a view of the ski lifts and the Barbagallo Craters from the 2002 eruption, on Montagnola to provide an overall view of the summit area, and at the departure station of our ski facilities at Piano Provenzana in Linguaglossa (operating exclusively during the winter season). They are essential for monitoring weather conditions and witnessing the spectacular displays of Mount Etna, such as lava fountains, Strombolian activity, ash and gas emissions, or clouds passing over the Southeast Crater, Bocca Nuova, Central Crater, and Northeast Crater. All these marvels are promptly captured by the cameras and offered in real-time streaming on our revamped website. Mount Etna webcams, installed near the heart of the volcano, will be updated soon, as we aim to provide users with an increasingly unique perspective of Europe’s highest active volcano.

Funivia dell’Etna
Meteo Piano Provenzana

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